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Episode 3: RiskMetrics

Episode 3: RiskMetrics

In today's episode, we chat with Tanner Geary and Arsh Ganda of RiskMetrics, a digital risk tolerance startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia, as part of the entrepreneurship@UBC program.

RiskMetrics allows wealth management professionals to better understand their clientsโ€™ risk profiles by quantifying through market simulations and behavioural analysis.

Weโ€™ll also explore topics like:

โœ… Juggling the launch and growth of a startup while also working to pay the bills
โœ… How to use good, old-fashioned interviewing to determine if youโ€™re building the right product
โœ… Why mentorship is critical in the early stages, and so is finding the right mentors

...and much more.

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about RiskMetrics:
Find Tanner Geary on LinkedIn:
Find Arsh Ganda on LinkedIn:

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