Episode 7: Matidor

Episode 7: Matidor

In today's episode, we chat with Vincent Lam and Sean Huang, co-founders of Matidor, a location visualization and data collaboration startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Matidor is the only software solution of its kind that combines geospatial data with team collaboration. It's their mission to bring simplicity, unity, and visibility to the complex world of field services.

In our chat, Sean, Vincent and I also explore:

āœ… How your first jobs and educational experiences will shape the business you build
āœ… Why offering services and consulting can be helpful in growing your early customer base, even in a pure software company
āœ… Why it's crucial to consider the actual end users of your products or services, and not just the buyer

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about Matidor: https://matidor.com/
Matidor on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/matidorapp/
Matidor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/matidor_com

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