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Episode 8: Kafka's Organic

Episode 8: Kafka's Organic

In today's episode, we chat with Sarah Fernando, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kafka's Organic, a fresh, healthy pet food startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Kafka's Organic team believes that long-term pet health begins with the highest-quality nutrition. They help parents of cats and dogs re-imagine processed pet food with healthy, whole, fresh, natural pet food sourced locally and delivered to your door.

In our chat, Sarah and I also explore:

✅ How to identify and confirm a market opportunity even when competing against gigantic multinational corporations
✅ Why it's important to educate and celebrate your community rather than just seeing them as potential customers
✅ How to start and test influencer and affiliate marketing to help spread awareness of your brand

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about Kafka's Organic:
Kafka's Organic on Facebook:
Kafka's Organic on Instagram:

The Women's Enterprise Centre:
Futurpreneur Canada:

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