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Episode 4: bots4impact

Episode 4: bots4impact

In today's episode, we chat with Lisa Andres of bots4impact, a designer and builder of custom chatbots and conversational artificial intelligence for healthcare based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bots4impact helps labs, pharmaceutical companies and other health organizations recruit, educate and engage people to further their health outcomes. Their primary focus is in the development of conversational AI in health and wellness, genetics, life sciences and public health.

Weโ€™ll also explore topics like:

โœ… The concept of โ€œlearning by doingโ€ and why working in every facet of your business is critical, early on
โœ… How dipping in and out of entrepreneurship and the โ€œworking worldโ€ can help you skill up
โœ… The difference between creating a great free product vs something that people will pay for

...and much more.

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about bots4impact:
Find Lisa Andres on LinkedIn:

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