Episode 2: Audette

Episode 2: Audette

In today's episode, we chat with Christopher Naismith, Chief Executive Officer of Audette, a cleantech startup based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Audette uses commercial and institutional building data to find targeted carbon and other efficiency projects. In Audette’s words: Capital Planning for the Carbon Revolution.

In this episode, Christopher and I explore topics such as:

βœ… Launching and running a fully distributed company during COVID-19
βœ… How new entrepreneurial approaches are helping an old, legacy industry join the future
βœ… What it means to be a part of incubator and accelerator programs as you launch and scale

...and much more.

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about Audette: https://www.audette.io/
Find Christopher Naismith on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophernaismith/
Check out the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator: https://foresightcac.com/
And the Alacrity Foundation: https://www.alacritycanada.com/

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