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Episode 5: ABOzymes

Episode 5: ABOzymes

In today's episode, we chat with Dr. Peter Rahfeld, Chief Scientific Officer at ABOzymes Biomedical, a startup based in Vancouver currently incubating at the University of British Columbia.

If you can believe thisโ€ฆ ABOzymes is working to realize a world where blood types are no longer a constraint for those receiving a life-saving blood transfusion or organ transplant.

In short: theyโ€™re making blood types obsolete.

In our chat, Dr. Rahfeld and I also explore:

โœ… What itโ€™s like to merge academia, research and business to produce a startup
โœ… Why itโ€™s critical to have a growth mindset and be open to continual learning
โœ… How to envision a product and a market when youโ€™re in uncharted territory, business-wise

...and much more.

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Our Guest and Resources We Mentioned
Learn more about ABOzymes Biomedical:
ABOzymes on Twitter:
ABOzymes on LinkedIn:

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